To NaNo or Not To NaNo

Well it’s NaNoWriMo time. It’s already 7 days in and I haven’t posted a single blog post so that is out. And I haven’t started a novel either. Considering trying to start late but somehow I feel like I’ll just be wasting my time. Isn’t that sad? That I won’t even try?

Considering taking the name of a novel I already tried and making it different. As in COMPLETELY different. A Horror. Somehow I want to write that, my other horror is sidelined. I’m not great at it, but maybe I could try. Maybe. Any words of faith or wisdom or…something?

We are in the home stretch of getting our house. If we are lucky we’ll have it in like 30 days or so. It will be sooooooo nice not to deal with apartments anymore. Anyway…I have a lot to catch up on if I’m actually gonna NaNo.
Ugh. I’m getting sick I think. OH! My mom and I are going to try making and selling jewelry. Maybe I’ll blog the adventure! HA. Yeah right. We’ll see if THAT happens.


People can suck

Last night and today someone showed me and my family just how awful a person can truly be. I’m not getting into details but let’s just say that I know someone who is….gone girl crazy and I don’t know exactly what this person will do but it won’t bee good. Why? Because..

Well I don’t know why. There is no valid justifiable reason for anything that’s been done.

In other news I spent 8 hours in a homebuyers class not learning much of anything and being beyond bored. So that was fun.

So far my thought on this blog is that I will rotate General topics and do posts regarding that topic for 1 month. Now I just need topics broad enough to be made into several posts. Good luck to me.

Today sucks.

The end.


With renewed vigor and a strong desire to ACTUALLY do something with this blog, I am back. I am still trying to work out a central theme, topic, whatever you want to call it. It’s so hard because I don’t really know how to take
the things that I like to do any blog about them. Random blogging doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve been away because we starting actively searching for a house to buy and I just didn’t think about wordpress. I probably should have, used the experiences for damn posts but I didn’t and here I am my first post in three months.

NaBloPoMo, my good friend Mora who has a lovely blog about needlework here, told me about it. Like NaNoWriMo but not? I joined the site that does it, but I’m not sure if I’m going to commit to it. I just want a topic. I want to find something that MAKES me want to do up a post. But some effort in but time is limited sometimes and I have the memory of a 70 year old with Alzheimer’s.

I suppose I will have to work at it, for now, those that do read me, which isn’t many I know, I hope you missed me!

Probably not.

It’s okay, I wouldn’t miss me either if I were you.

My husband

I’m currently on marriage number two and hopefully the last. I have an 8yo with my ex and a 2yo with my husband. I only get my daughter on the weekends and the relationship between my ex and my husband is more than bad. There is stress in our home.

I work and my husband is the stay at home dad. He deals with a shit ton on a day to day. We have one car and he can’t drive it so he can’t leave the house without me.

He moved here from Jersey and now had no friends here. He left his life and his friends for me. We hadn’t been dating long before I got pregnant and suddenly the long distance thing couldn’t work

He has to deal with my laziness, my indecisiveness, my bitchy-ness,  my absent mindedness, my computer addiction, my poor attempts at humor, my tears that are unnecessary and my inability too convey my feelings in words that are said out loud. He has to deal with a 2 yo during the day that is in the throws of the terrible twos and then with my issues, at night, that I can’t always keep in check. The ones that I work very hard on but still can’t manage all the time.

He’s stuck by me as I’ve tried and sometimes failed to be a better mother, stronger woman and stable adult. Something that, at 31, I should have figured out a long time ago.

It isn’t always roses and rainbows in our house but he’s the only person that has made me feel smart, appreciated and loved. That has made me laugh without trying. That I can spend my time with and not get bored.

We were simply watching a crappy t.v. show, being silly and making each other laugh. It’s those little moments that make the fights or disagreements unimportant. Because they show me just how great we can be together and I truly enjoy those moments.

He’s a wonderful husband, father and best friend and I feel like I can honestly say I married my soul mate. So thank you for being you, for loving me and for giving me our daughter. You mean the world to me and my life wouldn’t be have as fun and interesting without you in it.

/being mushy

But seriously…

He’s the bees knees people.

My Novel Ideas…Get it?

Okay so I’m all over the place but today I feel like I’m going to lay down the attempts at Novels that never went anywhere. I feel like it would be a good way to see if maybe I could get back into them, maybe not. I don’t know. I’m also trusting that I won’t find these ideas published on me…cause that would like TOTALLY SUCK!



Novel One: Bloody Love. Yes I know the title sucks.

Main Plot Idea: It was a vampire/vampire love story. I thought that we see so many vampire/human stories out there that it would be a nice change to see a love story between two vampires. One being a generally evil vampire, evil in the sense that she had no regard for human life and enjoyed killing. The other being a generally good vampire, good in that he didn’t kill those he fed on but he wasn’t one of those annoying “I wish I wasn’t a vampire” vampires. I hate those. The idea was that she would come to where he lived and killed one of the ladies he uses for ‘food’ and they fall into a bit of a feud.

She would attempt to find those that he was close to and kill them just because she felt like it and he had to stop her. Along the way, a gruesome way I might add, they found some crazy feelings in there. I knew how I wanted it to end. It would be awesome.

Reason for Failure: I was all over the place from the beginning. I worked of various chapters but nothing really got tied together and eventually it just felt bad. I couldn’t decide on a tense and kept flip flopping. So I just stopped trying.

Pick it back up?: I think I’d have to toss the crap that I had and start over if I were to try this again. I like the idea, I like the ending. It’s the execution and pulling it all together I am unsure about.



Novel Two: Fading Reality.

Main Plot Idea: Basically it was in the POV of a rich bitch teenager that treats everyone horrible, including her parents. An event happens between her and this old lady who curses her. She can’t sleep for days on end and has to see a shrink. Suddenly she starts sleeping again but when she sleeps she enters a completely different world. Where she is just a servant who has to work her ass off every day. The idea was that it was going to be a nice YA moral fantasy story. There would be a big climax and she’d have to choose what world she wanted to live in.

Reason for Failure: I had trouble with the tense. Originally I wanted the “Real World” chapters to be in one tense and the “Dreams” to be in a different one. So that got confusing. I had trouble getting the Dreams right and not having the MC seem to unlovable. Plus the “event” I couldn’t figure out the most plausible way that would give some old lady a reason to curse this girl. I just stopped. It was the first novel that I tried to just write through, without edits but I couldn’t do it.

Pick it up again?: I would love to. I enjoyed the idea behind it and I think I could do it, just need to plan better and get the major stuff figured out.



Novel Three: Haunted Possession. Such a crappy title. I know.

Main Plot Idea: The novel was to be in the perspective of a young girl that was in a mental hospital for the murder of her college roommate. It was to be a horror. This girl at the ability to see and speak with ghosts and other paranormal entities. Her friend became possessed by a highly evil entity and they had come under the impression that if her friend died, so would the entity. However that wasn’t the case because after being institutionalized for a year this evil thing comes to haunt her and call all manner of trouble. Another one with the ending all planned out!

Reason for Failure: I just got stuck on pulling the ending together with the rest. Time and life took me a way and eventually I just didn’t know how to continue it. It’s the most I’ve ever written over 25k in words.

Pick it up again?: Absolutely. I’d love to really get this finished. I think it’d be a lot of fun. I had about five or six more chapters to really get it all pulled together. Maybe one day!


Novel Four: Whispering Pines.

Main Plot idea: This was to be my attempt at NANOWRIMO. It went through like three revisions before day four which should have been my clue but the idea was for this to be a more YA novel again. In the perspective of a ghost, trapped in his home when a young girl that can see ghosts moves in. They develop a relationship but there is trouble along the way, first the varsity football player tries to make a play at her, but she doesn’t know he’s a werewolf. Then her newest best friend is a vampire who can see him too and flirts with him. She finds out she’s a witch and the three of them have to work together to save the town. I thought that this could be an interesting series in the perspectives of different characters for each book.

Reason for failure: I didn’t really put a lot of effort into it and gave up without really trying.

Pick it up again?: I would. I think it’s different enough, that I could make it very unique and fun. Just have to sit down and do it.


So that’s it. My four attempts at getting nowhere. If you all have any thoughts on any of these ideas feel free to comment about them. You can tell me they are stupid, great or even throw me some encouragement.

Tweeting and the Twitter

First, I’d like to apologize for that last post cause if I ever get men viewing this I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate the TMI that I had going on.

So into the real post for today..


Twitter hasn’t really been around all that long, it was created in 2006. But it is a beast of a social media with it’s 140 character max. I never got into it for a long time, part of that being that I didn’t have a phone capable nor the data capable to really tweet the way everyone does.

A few years ago I tried it, and found that I didn’t know what to tweet about. I’m not the person that tweets their every move because frankly, that’s creepy to me, so I was at a loss. Plus the whole hashtag thing just went over my head. So I walked away, perfectly content with not being a tweeter.

Last year, I tried once again. This time however my motives were to try and make a web presence because I was making another novel attempt. I made a website, had a blog to document my journey, and even made a Facebook page. I tweet random things on occasion, prompts from those I follow or to the local morning DJ’s who I find hilarious.

But what I still find amusing is when someone follows me. I rarely, if ever, know who these people are and yet they are choosing me to follow. Why? I have no flipping clue. I don’t have a ton of followers, I don’t post awesome quotes or funny anecdotes. I just say whatever, whenever but I know that it isn’t anything major. Yet every so often I’ll get a spurt of three or so people that follow me, one right after the other.

I follow celebrities, I think a part of me hopes that one will follow me back, or respond to something random that I tweeted to them. It’s utterly ridiculous, I know it. But I almost always follow those that follow me because…well..isn’t it rude not to? I know there aren’t many that read this but maybe this would be a good time to get some interaction going.

Any readers have any funny Twitter stories or opinions on the twitter world all together? Post a comment! I DARE YOU!

Birth Control pills

Are the devil. I just switched to the generic of seasonique, pills that you take for three months and then get your period.

So far I’ve had to deal with dizzy spells, bleeding, nausea, headaches and a general feeling of crap.

But I have to keep at it because my doctor said I had to finish a 3 mo pack before I decide to stay on it or not. This sucks.

That’s is all